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MWM Presented at ISTA Conference (Nov. 2002)

JudieJudie Elenbass, a physics teacher at Naperville North High School (Naperville, IL), gave a hands-on presentation of the Sports Materials Module for teachers attending the annual conference of the Illinois Science Teachers Association (ISTA), which took place November 7-9, 2002, in Charleston, IL.

With Judie's help, the teachers performed each of the activities in the module, which included measuring the rebound of sports balls made of various materials and observing how surfaces made of different materials affect a ball's rebound. The teachers also observed mini-golf balls that were designed by Judie's students and compared how well the balls performed. The activities and students' design projects were enthusiastically received by the teachers. A discussion followed, during which teachers explored how they might use the Sports Materials Module in their classes.

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