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MWM Contributor Participates in REST Program at Northwestern University (Oct. 2002)

Last summer, Neil Schmidgall, a physics teacher at Glenbrook South High School (Glenview, IL) and contributor to the upcoming Nanotechnology Module, participated in the REST program at Northwestern University.

REST (Research Experience for Science Teachers) is a summer program offered through NU's Materials Research Center that gives high school teachers the opportunity to do scientific research under the guidance of a faculty member. Neil worked with Dr. Mark Hersam, whose research involves atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy.

While participating in REST, Neil developed 15 high school physics investigations that relate to mechanical and electrical resonance. Two of these activities are similar to those in the Nanotechnology Module, which focuses on the study of materials on the nanometer-size (10-9 m) scale for the purpose of developing practical applications.

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