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Upgrading the Modules To the Undergraduate Level (Aug. 2003)

3MWM Director Prof. R.P.H. Chang, along with MWM staff Beth Abbott, Matthew Hsu, and Jennifer Cocson, met with several military and university leaders on July 25, 2003, to discuss the upgrading of the MWM modules, which are currently geared to the middle and high school levels, to the undergraduate level.

Attendees included Dr. Pablo Arenaz, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP); Dr. Sandra Hurley, Associate Dean of the College of Education at UTEP; Dr. Tom Brady, Dean of the College of Sciences at UTEP; Keith Thompson from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Washington, D.C.); Captain Victor Yu from the United States Military Academy at West Point (West Point, NY); Ray Pawlicki from Picatinny Arsenal (NJ); Dr. John H. Hall, chairperson and professor of Chemistry at Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA); and Dr. Subhash Bhatia, also professor of Chemistry at Morehouse.

After an introduction by Prof. Chang and a slide presentation of the overview of the MWM Program by Jennifer and Matthew, participants engaged in some hands-on activities of the Composites Module that illustrated the MWM philosophy. During the afternoon session, led by Prof. Chang, attendees discussed how the group should proceed in this collaborative effort. Some work on the upgrade of the modules was done in previous years, and it may be possible to continue along the same lines. These new undergraduate level modules would employ a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on materials and would target science, non-science, and education majors in a variety of different undergraduate settings.

The modules would be created for use in either a newly developed course or an existing course and would incorporate technology, such as computer-driven simulations, to enrich the experience. Additionally, the collaborators intend to include teacher training, as well as assessment and evaluation to gauge the impact of the use of MWM materials in the classroom.

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