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Article in U.S. Army at Fort Monmouth's Communications-Electronics Research on MWM Workshop in Howell, NJ (Oct. 2008)

Read article: "Engineers and Educators Go Fly a Kite" (require subscription)

Author: Sharon Rushen, CERDEC Public Affairs & Outreach, 16 October 2008


 "I see the engineers as not only a resource for the teachers, but also as a role model for the students," Petersen said. "Most don't know what an engineer does, and if they can meet a living, breathing engineer [who] can talk to them and [who] they feel comfortable with, they are going to be more inclined to go into that field."

Hsu said he agrees that DOD support is critical for teachers and students. Hsu teaches four to five workshops each year, but said he can spend only a day or two working with the teachers and answering their questions.

"Day to day, if they have a question, these scientists and engineers can provide the support the teachers need," Hsu said. "We need to really help our next generation - and we need to go through the teachers, they are the ones who interact with the students."
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