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Materials World Modules Travel to New Jersey, October 1-3, 2008 (Oct. 2008)

A group of enthusiastic learners practice activities and design projects in the Nanotechnology Workshop October 1 in New Jersey.

On October 1, 2008, twenty-three teachers, scientists, administrators, and educators were in attendance at the invitation only Nanotechnology Workshop in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. Two instructors from Northwestern University led the clinic for the long awaited nanotechnology module. Educators and researchers alike have been eagerly anticipating the debut of this module as the buzz around nano heightens.

The addition of the nanotechnology module rounds out the 10 modules that are currently offered by the MWM program. For a complete list of all the modules please click here. (insert URL)

The second leg of the trip involved a trip to Howell Middle School in Howell, New Jersey. Teacher Helen Cleveland attended a previous MWM workshop and was so excited about the opportunities the module presented for her classroom that she asked the MWM team to come to her school. Helen was joined by 35 teachers, engineers and researchers for the two day workshop.

Participants chose either the Sports Materials Module or the Composites Module. One teacher expressed her enthusiasm for the MWM program by stating, "Continue the good work helping us, as educators, to bring "real life" content and activities into the classroom." After their instruction and hands on learning, teachers were provided a free teacher's edition book of their module.

Col. Ed Petersen, Picatinny Education Director was joined by Kashia Simmons, Program Lead for Public Affairs & Outreach at Fort Monmouth, to stress the importance of STEM education in American schools. These events continue to strengthen our outreach in New Jersey and hopes are to continue the outreach to all 50 states.


Various activities were led by MWM Instructors to show how Nanotechnology and
the MWM module can fit into curriculum, whatever subject is being taught.

MWM Instructor, Matthew Hsu, leads a discussion on STEM Education and Technological Innovations October 3 at the MWM Workshop at Howell Middle School in New Jersey.

MWM Instructor, Matthew Hsu, works with a group of New Jersey educators and engineers on the importance of composites in everyday materials and products.

A group of educators practice lessons from the MWM Composite module,
in an effort to teach their students about the world through materials science.

MWM Instructor and practicing teacher, Bill Weber, along with a group of educators incorporating
science, math, writing, and innovative thinking skills into one of the activities of the Sports Materials module.

Another activity in the Sports Materials module used to promote awareness of
the roles science and technology play in society. Group led by MWM Instructor Sarah Dugan.

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