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The MWM-Mexico program is projected to expand to the whole of Mexico! (2014)

Written by Luis Fuentes, CIMAV, Chihuahua

Using the analogy Apollo 11, The MWM-Mexico program is having great success in reaching its final destination. In 2005, the Materials World Modules were first launched in Chihuahua, Mexico. The program has been continuously growing and has successfully expanded to Nuevo Leon. Presently, some 4,000 students /year enroll this program and more than 400 high-school teachers have been trained in the MWM inquiry & design methodology via the support of both federal and local governments, and industries. Statistical assessment of knowledge gain and motivation of 20,000 students for science and technology show the beneficial effects of the MWM program.

Last week, in the beautiful city of Monterrey, as a satellite event to the conferences INCmty ( and NanoMonterrey 2014 (, a highly fruitful meeting of scientific education leaders took place. Taking advantage of Professor Chang’s presence in Monterrey, directors and advisors linked with the MWM-Mexico Program met with him to share their accomplishments and plans for the future. Of special significance is the fact that MWM has become part of the science and technology curricula in the classrooms. This is a major step forward acknowledged Chang.

Nano Monterrey group

The accompanying picture shows the meeting photo. The participants list included:

  • From Chihuahua Secretariat of Education: the Academic Directors and MWM coordinators of CECYTECH and CONALEP systems, R. Sānchez, M. Sānchez and F. Mora.
  • From Nuevo Leon Secretariat of Education: the General Director of CONALEP, A. Jaimes and his collaborators F. Gamez, H. Cārdenas and L. Molina.
  • From the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, CONACYT and I2T2: the MWM program coordinators, P. Galvān, M.E. Vargas and I. Torres.
  • The General Directors of CIMAV and CIDESI, J. Mėndez and J. Gonzālez
  • From CIMAV-Chihuahua and CIMAV-Monterrey: technical advisors and coordinators of the MWM-Mexico program, M. Sānchez, M.E. Montero, M. Herrera, P. Horley and L. Fuentes.
  • From Northwestern University, Prof. R.P.H. Chang.

Chihuahua and Nuevo Leon leaders of the MWM-Mexico program gave Professor Chang vivid reports of the intense activity and the success of the program wherever it has been applied.

Based on the current level of activities and enthusiasm, Professor Chang proposed a challenge: “The Modules need to reach all classrooms to help quickly build a strong work force for a vibrant and sustainable 21st century Mexican economy”. He gave us his support, ideas, strategy and tools for success.

The meeting took place in a highly emotional and optimistic atmosphere. We, the Mexican representatives of the MWM program accepted Bob Chang´s challenge. We are ready to take off from our Chihuahua-Nuevo Leon orbit and reach all parts of our precious country.

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