Materials World Modules

An Inquiry & Design-Based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Program

Composites Module Alignment to National Standards

AAAS Benchmark Standards


NSES Standards


Grades 9-12


Grades 9-12

1. The Nature of Science


A. Science as Inquiry


B. Scientific inquiry

1. Ability to do scientific inquiry

C. The Scientific enterprise

2. Understanding scientific inquiry

2. The Nature of Mathematics


B. Physical Science


A. Patterns and relationships


2. Structure and properties of matter

B. Mathematics, science, and technology

4. Motions and forces

C. Mathematical inquiry


5. Conservation of energy


3. The Nature of Technology


E. Science and Technology


A. Technology and science

1. Ability of technological design

B. Design and systems

2. Understanding science and technology

4. The Physical Setting


G. History and Nature of Science


D. Structure of matter

1. Science as a human endeavor

F. Motion

3. Historical perspectives

8. The Designed World




B. Materials and manufacturing



11. Common Themes




A. Systems




B. Models



12. Habits of Mind



B. Computation and estimation



D. Communication skills



Design Process

Student Response

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