Materials World Modules

An Inquiry & Design-Based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Program

Concrete Module Alignment to National Standards

AAAS Benchmark Standards


NSES Standards


Grades 9-12 Designs Grades 9-12 Designs
1. The Nature of Science   A. Science as Inquiry  

Scientific inquiry

Ability to do scientific inquiry

The Scientific enterprise

Understanding scientific inquiry

2. The Nature of Mathematics


B. Physical Science  

Mathematics, science, and technology

Structure and properties of matter

3. The Nature of Technology


Chemical reactions

Technology and science

Motions and forces

Design and systems

C. Life Sciences


Issues in technology

The interdependence of organisms

4. The Physical Setting


Matter, energy, and organization in living systems

Structure of matter

D. Earth and Space Science



Energy in the earth system

Forces of nature

Geochemical cycles

5. The Living Environment


E. Science and Technology  

Flow of matter and energy

Ability of technological design

8. The Designed World


Understanding science and technology

Materials and manufacturing

F. Science in Personal and Social Perspective


11. Common Themes


Natural resources


S&T in local, natiional, and global changes

Constancy and change

G. History and Nature of Science


12. Habits of Mind


Science as a human endeavor

Computation and estimation

Historical perspectives

Communication skills


Design Process

Student Response

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