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Manipulation of Light Module Alignment to Colorado Standards

Manipulation of Light Module

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Physical Science


Mathematical Reasoning


2.5 Physics: quantitative relationships involved with thermal energy can be identified, measured, calculated and analyzed (for example: heat transfer in a system involving mass, specific heat, and change in temperature of matter)

1.4 Number sense and problem solving: use number sense, including estimation and mental arithmetic, to determine the reasonableness of solutions.

2.6 Physics: energy can be transferred through a variety of mechanisms and in any change some energy is lost as heat (for example: conduction, convection, radiation, motion, electricity, chemical bonding changes)



2.7 Physics: light and sound waves have distinct properties; frequency, wavelengths and amplitude

4.d Geometric concepts, properties, and relationships: using trigonometric ratios in problem-solving situations (for example, finding the height of a building from a given point, if the distance to the building and the angle of elevation are known).

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