Materials World Modules

An Inquiry & Design-Based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Program

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  • MWM promotes STEM education
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  • MWM promotes hands-on, inquiry and design-based learning
  • MWM promotes STEM education


Materials World Modules (MWM) are hands-on, inquiry and design-based units for middle and high school students. Based on materials science and nanotechnology principles, this interdisciplinary approach engages students, adds relevance to traditional curriculum, and has been shown to improve science knowledge for all students.

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MWM Mission and Vision

MWM Mission and Goals

The mission of the MWM Program is to develop an effective pre-college education curricula to prepare students with STEM literacy and equip them with 21st century skills set to become a competent and creative STEM workforce and a globally responsible citizenry based on the following MWM core values:

  1. Improve STEM education and literacy by the incorporation of the "T" & "E" in STEM - incorporating engineering design and relevant technology applications into classroom instruction and help schools make science and engineering practices an integral part of their curricula.
  2. Meeting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS, released in 2013) through MWM's hands-on practice of scientific inquiry and engineering design - the heart of the technology R&D cycle.
  3. The use of digital multimedia and interactive learning technologies to reach larger numbers of students and provide equal opportunity access and personalized learning support for all.
  4. A community-partnership approach that bridges gaps across sectors, disciplines and grade levels and keeps new knowledge and perspective flowing into classrooms.


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MWM Standards Alignment

MWM and NGSS standards

National Science (AAAS, NSES) and Math (NCTM) standards – as well as selected state Science and Math standards – have been mapped to the activities and design project(s) of most MWM modules. If you are interested in finding out whether the activities you are considering for your classroom meet the relevant standards, check out the following pages:

Mini Introduction to the Nanoscale  

intro to nano

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Size Dependent Properties
Surface Area and Volume

Design Project
Designing a Liquid Geyser

Through the following key select activities, students will learn that size does matter. They will investigate how changes in the shape or size of an object affect its surface area to volume ratio (SA/V), which can change dramatically in the nanoscale. When they complete the Activities, they will apply this knowledge to design an “exploding” liquid geyser.

MWM will give students an opportunity to understand the world around them in a way they have never experienced before. The modules promote an awareness of the roles science and technology play in society and guide students to take increased control of their work.

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Mini Introduction to the Nanoscale

MWM Short Intro Videos

Video with English Subtitles

imwmInteractive MWM

Try our Intro to Nano online module. See your scores and activity data in real time.

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