Materials World Modules

An Inquiry & Design-Based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Program


As a service to busy teachers, Activity Kits for each of the modules are provided and can be purchased. The kits contain the basic materials that a class of 24 to 32 students (eight groups of three students or four students) will need to run the activities and design projects outlined in the modules.

The Basic Starter Kits* are assembled by the module developer and contain materials that have been successfully field-tested in actual classrooms. Basic Starter Kits consist of consumable and non-consumable supplies that are necessary for module activities but are not standard laboratory supplies

The Refill Kits* allow teachers to replenish the consumable materials without having to purchase another starter kit.

For more information regarding Activity Kits, please contact MWM Office.

*Note : Activity Kits DO NOT include Teacher Edition or Student Edition Manuals. Manuals must be ordered separately.

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