Materials World Modules

An Inquiry & Design-Based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Program

What is a Materials World Module?

Module Explained

Each module is a supplemental unit that takes 1 to 3 weeks of class time (approximately 10 hours)

    • Each module has 3 parts:
      1. The Hook: a compelling introductory activity that inspires inquiry
      2. Four to five hands-on exploratory activities that are based on materials science and nanoscience concepts
      3. The Design Project, where students apply their learning to create a functional prototype product

  • Focuses on materials science and nanoscience concepts
  • Designed for middle school and high school students
  • Each kit contains supplies for 24-32 students
  • Student and teacher editions of books are sold separately from kits
  • Activities are designed for 8 groups of 3 or 4


Intro Video & Brochure

 MWM Introductory Video | MWM Brochure (PDF)

Sample Modules
Brief summaries of each of the nine modules in the Materials World Modules Program demonstrated by High School teachers who have adapted MWM modules into their classroom.  » Watch Videos

Web Introduction
Click HERE to watch and listen to a slide presentation by MWM Program Director Prof. R.P.H. Chang, where he presents the rationale, approach, and development of the modules, including the latest web-based customized modules project. (Please view with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on a PC.)

Ordering for Class

Example of what to order for a class of 24-32 students:

      • 1 teacher edition
      • 24-32 student editions
      • 1 starter kit, which contains consumable and non-consumable materials

Note: These kits do not contain standard classroom laboratory supplies, such as beakers, hot plates, test tubes, pipets, etc.



List of Modules

Teacher Sampler

MWM Teacher Sampler

The Materials World Modules (MWM) Teacher Sampler provides a detailed explanation of the MWM program and presents two sample activities. » See Teacher Sampler

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