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Materials Science Links


Portland Cement Association
Furnishes information about cement and concrete for a wide variety of infrastructure needs.

Food Packaging

Environmental Protection Agency
Maintains a wealth of data and information about waste composition, waste management, recycling, and source reduction.

Packaging World
Offers examples of innovative packaging to pique students' interest and provides access to its archives.


MWM's Polymer Simulation
Provides an introduction, including computer simulations, to two general types of polymer synthesis, or polymerization: (1) condensation or step-growth polymerization and (2) addition or chain-growth polymerization.

Smart Sensors

A History of Piezoelectricity
Traces the historical development of piezoelectricity, from the Currie brothers to the present.

Sports Materials

Amer Sports, which includes Wilson , Suunto, Atomic, etc.
Discusses the technology behind many types of sports equipment, and the various design and material choices facing consumers.

Science in Sports
Tackles the subject of science behind sports, including high-tech materials, energy transfer, and other issues in sports.

Other Materials-Related Sites

Exploring the Material World
Explores the structure of materials using three complete teaching modules.

Fifty Greatest Materials Moments

Materials Research Science & Engineering Center at Northwestern University
Commits to the development of new materials through ongoing cross-pollination of ideas and academic disciplines.

Materials Teaching Educational Resources (MATTER)
Provides software for use in undergraduate teaching of materials science and engineering.

Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

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