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MWM NanoScale Drug Delivery FEATURE GAME Nano Bomber

nanobomberNanobomber is a game in which students design nanoparticles to be used in drug delivery on the nanoscale. Students can create nanoparticles of different sizes with different Attributes from special Drug Classes, like Identification, Classification, Seeking, and Destroying. The overarching goal of the game is to destroy cancerous cells without causing too much harm to healthy cells within a patient. The game begins with four tutorial stages to introduce students to the game mechanics; after the tutorials, students accept various missions with specific goals regarding patient health and the number of cancer cells to be destroyed. Students can also print out a score report from within the game to show to their teachers and friends, displaying the highest level they reached and their high score.

Nanobomber mimics the real life process of designing nanomedicine for drug delivery. Students learn different functions of nanomedicine, such as identifying where cancer cells are, classifying the types of cancer cells within a patient, and targeting cancer cells while trying to avoid healthy cells. The game is meant to be a general introduction to the concept of nanoscale drug delivery and encourages students to think about the differences between designing medicine in the game and designing medicine in real life.

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Ryan Reid


Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA


Middle school and above

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