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Polymer - Polymer Symposium 2001

Polymer Symposium 2001
Evanston Township Highschool, Evanston, IL


Do you need a hair gel that changes color?
Do your feet get cold when you go swimming?

You've got problems........We've got answers!!!


Science Symposium: Student Polymer Applications Research
February 22-27, 2001

Students in Ms. Renee DeWald's and Ms. Laura Domanski's two Chemistry-Physics classes at Evanston Township High School in Evanston, IL, presented summaries of research conducted on polymers using a PowerPoint format. The goal of the research was to find new applications for polymers or to make improvements on exsisting applications of polymer products. Projects focused on everything from waterproofing socks to creating a hair gel that changes color depending on the humidity.

Here are presentations from some of the participants. (Best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later version)

Polymer Application Project : Improved Car Paint

Dog-proof Dog Leashes

Fire Starters

Making Footballs Easier to Catch and Waterproof

Painting with Polymers

A Photo Finish: Using Polymers to Make Photographs smudgeproof

The Experimental Polyflower

Polymers: A Stronger Paper Bag

Who needs an Umbrella

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