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Smart Sensor - Smart Sensor

Smart Sensor
Smart Sensor
New Trier Township High School, Winnetka, IL


Mr. Brad Goral, chemistry teacher at New Trier High School in Winnetka, IL, sent us some photos that he took during his recent Smart Sensors unit.

"The apparatus made by the students were well-constructed, and fun for kids," said Mr. Goral. "They are all prototypes and simply illustrate the concept," explained Mr. Goral. "The piezo film is mounted in the apparatus and did produce a useful signal," which was the main goal that the students were trying to accomplish.

Dog Door : A prototype doggy detector to open the door to the doghouse.

Hounddet : Another prototype hound dog detector complete with Elvis wall paper.

Gasdet : A prototype gas leak detector device that is mounted in an appliance.

Goaldet : A prototype hockey goal detector device mounted in the goal.

Heatdet : A prototype wall- or ceiling-mounted heat or vibration detector.

All of the apparatus are prototypes to illustrate a concept. Each consistently produced a useful signal, which was the main goal for these devices.

Alarm is an all-purpose alarm system with a working alarm.

Matdet is a sensor for porch mats or walkways to alert residents of approaching visitors.

Tubalarm is an overflow detection system for bathtubs and sinks. Winalarm is a burgler alarm for windows or doors.

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