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Success Stories from Teachers

Benefitting from MWM Professional Development Workshops

"This workshop [on the Sports Materials Module] was a pleasure. The instructor was knowledgeable and fun. I look forward to implementing what I've learned [in my classroom]." - Middle School Science Teacher, Hudson County, New Jersey

Aligning to Standards

"The [MWM Program] design project meets local and state standards as well as the skills of life. Students enjoy the project."

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Creating Relevance

"MWM provides an essential resource for real-world applications for concepts in AP chemistry."

Engaging Student-Centered Learning and Improving Retention

"No matter how many times I explain, I always have an ’I don't get it’ response. After these activities, everybody had some knowledge they wanted to share. I would say again how much difference there is in ‘teaching’ and ’allowing the students to learn.’ I was amazed at the way all of the students, even the ones I had little hope for, got involved and retained what they studied. It was the retention that was perhaps most impressive. I can often engage them by entertaining, but in this instance, they entertained themselves and actually remembered the material."

A Total MWM Experience With Lake Forest High School Teacher Kate Heroux


In this interview with science teacher Kate Heroux, Professor Robert Chang, the developer of MWM, discusses the successes and challenges of implementing the Materials World Modules in high school. From issues of scheduling, interacting with administration and colleagues, and student reactions, to integrating the modules into current curricula, this interview presents an experienced look inside MWM.

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Contact Information:
Kate Heroux
Lake Forest High School, Lake Forest, IL
Tel: (847)234-3600 ext#5301
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Using the Composites Module in the High School Chemistry Classroom

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